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Description: Electronic Shielding Gasket

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MIL-W-3861 Electronic Shielding Gasket

Spec. Type Spec. Color Gloss Size
Surface treatment document and classification MIL-W-3861

5999-01-062-2814 Properties

  • NSN:
  • Description:
    Electronic Shielding Gasket
  • Shelf Life:
  • DEMIL:
  • UOM:
    1 EA
  • Cross Sectional Shape:
    Mesh and composition
  • Hole Diameter:
    0.200 inches
  • Overall Length:
    12.160 inches
  • Overall Width:
    5.220 inches
  • Minor Width:
    0.125 inches
  • Outside Corner Radius:
    0.220 inches
  • Aperture Width:
    4.220 inches
  • Aperture Length:
    11.160 inches
  • Center To Center Distance Between Bolt Holes Along Length:
    4.335 inches
  • Outside Edge To Bolt Hole Center Distance Along Width:
    0.290 inches
  • Outside Edge To Bolt Hole Center Distance Along Length:
    0.290 inches
  • Cross-sectional Height:
    0.062 inches
  • Minor Height:
    0.062 inches
  • Bolt Hole Quantity:
  • Environmental Protection Material Location:
    Around rf shielding gasket aperture
  • Material:
    Steel emi/rfi conductor
  • Material Specification:
    Zz-r-765, class 1b, grade 40 federal specification single material response environmental seal
  • Surface Treatment:
    Copper emi/rfi conductor and tin emi/rfi conductor
  • Surface Treatment Specification:
    Astm-b-227 assn standard 1st treatment response emi/rfi conductor and mil-w-3861 military specification 2nd treatment response emi/rfi conductor
  • Style Designator: