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Description: Plate Nut Spacer

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MIL-PRF-85582 Plate Nut Spacer

Spec. Type Spec. Color Gloss Size
Surface treatment document and classification MIL-PRF-85582

5310-01-529-4505 Properties

  • NSN:
  • Description:
    Plate Nut Spacer
  • Shelf Life:
  • DEMIL:
  • UOM:
    1 EA
  • Mounting Hole Diameter:
    Between 0.102 inches and 0.108 inches
  • Nut Style:
    Plate nut spacer
  • Nut Length:
    0.969 inches
  • Thru-hole Diameter:
    Between 0.260 inches and 0.270 inches
  • Plate Thickness:
    0.016 inches
  • Plate Width:
    0.406 inches
  • Nut Mounting Provision:
    Straight holes
  • Mounting Hole Arrangement Style:
    2 holes
  • Distance From Aperture Center To Mounting Hole Center:
    Between 0.341 inches and 0.347 inches
  • Center To Center Distance Between Mounting Holes Along Length:
    Between 0.686 inches and 0.690 inches
  • End Application:
    Vertical stabilizer
  • Special Features:
    2 coats of epoxy primer
  • Material:
    Steel comp 321 or steel comp 347 or steel comp 302
  • Material Specification:
    Ams 5510 assn standard 1st material response or ams 5512 assn standard 2nd material response or ams 5516 assn standard 3rd material response
  • Surface Treatment:
    Passivate and plastic epoxy
  • Surface Treatment Specification:
    Qq-p-35 federal specification 1st treatment response and mil-prf-85582 military specification 2nd treatment response or mil-prf-23377.Mil-prf-23377type 1 military specification 2nd treatment response
  • Specification Data:
    80205 - nas463 professional/industrial association standard

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