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Description: Flange To Hose Elbow

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MIL-H-24136 Flange To Hose Elbow

Spec. Type Spec. Color Gloss Size
Hose or tubing spec/std data MIL-H-24136

4730-01-093-3930 Properties

  • NSN:
  • Description:
    Flange To Hose Elbow
  • Shelf Life:
  • DEMIL:
  • UOM:
    1 EA
  • Bolt Hole Quantity:
    12 1st end
  • Maximum Operating Temp:
    200.0 degrees fahrenheit single response
  • Connection Style:
    Plain (hose) 2nd end
  • Leg Length:
    9.140 inches 2nd end
  • Flange Shape:
    Round with holes 1st end
  • Connection Type:
    Unthreaded external hose 2nd end
  • Maximum Operating Pressure:
    300.0 pounds per square inch single response
  • Flow Angle:
    90.0 degrees
  • Outside Diameter:
    10.120 inches 1st end
  • Thickness:
    1.191 inches 1st end
  • Bolt Hole Diameter:
    0.690 inches 1st end
  • Bolt Circle Diameter:
    8.880 inches 1st end
  • Flange Face Design:
    Raised straight 1st end
  • Raised Face Height:
    0.015 inches 1st end
  • Raised Face Diameter:
    7.370 inches 1st end
  • Inside Diameter Hose Accommodated:
    6.000 inches 2nd end
  • Material:
    Copper alloy
  • Material Specification:
    Qq-c-390, alloy903 federal specification single material response body
  • Furnished Items And Quantity:
    1 hose clamp