MIL-STD-1397 Parts

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5895-01-567-8433 Communication Equ Interface Unit

Mil-std-1397c parallel type a,b,c,h and serial type d or e

5998-01-552-3072 Circuit Card Assembly

Mil-std-1397c type a, b, c, and h compliant; full-duplex 8, 16, or 32-bit ntds transfers; pci master and slave operation; short circuit protected; tri-state drivers; input buffer 64k x 32-bit fifo; operating temperature 0.0 deg c to plus 55.0 deg c

5998-01-523-8593 Circuit Card Assembly

Mil-std-1397c type a,b,c, and h compliant; full-duplex 8,16 or 32-bit n tds transfers; interrupt,pio and dma operation;independent ntds input and output channels; fifeld programmable gate array (fpga) technology; separate word counters and time-outs for ei/ef words and data words on inputs and outputs; pci 2.1 compliant(supports plug and play);short circuit protected, tri-state drivers; pci master and slave operation; internal loopback test without disconnecting ntds cables; software enabled time-stamp on input words with 125ns resolution; timestamps can be synchronized across multiple interfaces; supports receipt of multiple forced efs; software compatible with parallel swift (tm) pmc and swift(tm) cpci boards