MIL-S-12515 Parts

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5340-00-908-2803 Manual Control Handle

Material:iron,malleable,pearlitccasting,grade 70003 or 60004,astm-a220;optional material:iron,modular graphitic(ductile iron),grade 80-55-06;heat treatment:harden indicated surfaces iaw spec mil-s-12515,hardened depth 0.015 in.Min.Hardness ra 74.5 min;final protective finish: of mil-std-171,0.0010 in.Thick

2805-00-752-1813 Engine Poppet Valve

Mil-s-12515-81349 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures,etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type data on certain environmental and performance requirements and test conditions that are shown as "typical", "average", "nominal", etc.).