MIL-S-002 Parts

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4730-01-047-8631 Tube Tee

Material steel corrosion resisting overall; material document and classification mat qq-s-763, class 347 surface treatment document and classification mil-s-002 nmil spec single treatment response overall;media for which designed fluid single responde; connection type threaded external tube 1st end, threaded externaltube2nd end, threaded internal tube 3rd end; seat angle 12.0 degrees 1st endand 12.0 degrees 2nd end; seat nom radius 0.260 inches; nominal thread class 2a spe/std data 80205-nas1764 professional/industrial association; prpy all pacs

5315-00-959-5641 Quick Release Pin

Qq-p-416,ty 1,cl 3 fed spec 1st treatment response overall and mil-s-002 mil spec 2nd treatment response overall