MIL-PRF-28800 Parts

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6625-01-586-6691 Electrical-electron Plug-in Unit

81349-mil-prf-28800 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures,etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type data on certain environmental and performance requirements and test conditions that are shown as "typical", "average", "nominal", etc.).

6685-01-579-1967 E Temperature-humidity Indicator

Memory for 400k date/time readings; alarms; ethernet and rs-232; mil-prf-28800 cl 4

6625-01-578-1943 Signal Generator

Meets mil-prf-28800 class 3

6625-01-562-5711 Field Strength Meter

Shall be class 2 in accordance with mil-prf-28800, shall operate in temp range of -10 deg celcius to 50 deg celcius; non operating range shall be -30 deg celcius to 70 deg celcius; device shall be powere by replaceable or rechargeable battery and power level shall be displayed, measurement results shall display in actual;maximum;average; or spatial averaging, shall have auto seroing, shall provide audible alarms for high field strengths with adjustable threshold; shall include a probecapable of 300mhz to 50ghz range, shall have output for external recording instruments measurement data, shall include a small lightweight hard carry/storage case, shall have operator/maintenance/cal/ipb manuals included

4920-01-553-7091 Electrical-electronic Test Case

Mil-prf-28800.Mil-prf-28800mil-std-108 (water tight)0.Mil-prf-28800.Mil-prf-28800mil-std-108 (water tight)0 government standard

6625-01-552-5368 Multifun Calibrator

Minimum requirements are as follows: shall be class 1 in accordance with mil-prf-28800; shall be solid state and enclosed to prevent electrical shock, shall be capable of operating in the vicinity of aircraft, vehicles and above deck applications, warm up time will not exceed 30 minutes, shall produce dc voltages, ac voltages, frequency, shall have wideband capability of 10hz to 30mhz at 3mv to 3.5v rms, shall produce dc current from 220ua to 2.2a, shall produce ac current from 220ua to 2.2a, shall provide resitance of 1 ohm to 100 megaohms in a 1 - 1.9 sequence, resistors shall not be damaged or degraded by the peak currents listed in the purchase description, shall have ieee-488-1978 and be addressable from the rear panel, height will not exceed 7in, depth will be 22.75in from rear face of the rackmount, calibrator plus rack mounting shall fit in standard eia 19 in rack, controls, handles and fittings will not project more than 2 1/8 in from rear face of rackmount

6625-01-551-9111 Noise Level Meter

Noise figure meter with the following requirements: freq range 10mhz to 40ghz, enr calibration range 14.0db to 16.5db, dynamic range at least 0.0db to 33.0db, minimum bandwidth 4mhz, accuracy porm.10db (0 to 9db) porm.20db (9 to 12db) porm .4db (12 to 18db) porm .75db (18 to 21db) porm 1db (21 to 33db), sensitivity at least -76dbm, input frequency at least 30mhz, shall be compatible with ansi eia-310-d standard equipment rack with 5 standard height units, weight will not exceed 40lbs, will be delivered with the following manuals: operator; maintenance and service; illustrated parts; and calibration, this item is class 3 iaw mil-prf-28800 except as specified within the purchase description

6625-01-545-5807 Video Integrating Analyzer

Minimum frequency range 300khz to 6ghz, will conform to class 4 equipment in accordance with mil-prf-28800,will be compatible with mounting in an ansi/eia-310-d standard equipment rack utilizing 5 standard height units, connectors will be on the front panel, display will be one or four channel color as a minimum and will be capable of displaying a different s-parameter in each of the four channels, will also be capable of displaying a different graph type for each channel, will include calibration/verification kits; test port adapters; test port cables; manuals(operator,maintenance,illustrated parts breakdown and calibration); ieee488.2 or rs-232c or usb or 10/100baset printer and remote interfaces

6625-01-535-3215 Signal Generator

Shall be class 3 iaw mil-prf-28800;shall not fail w/i 4,000 hours of operation w/ 95 percent certainty; frequency resolution of less than or equal to 0.1hz; output resolution 0.02db or better; am deoth at least 0 to 90 percent; total weight shall not exceed 74 lbs.

6625-01-535-2732 Oscilloscope Calibrator

Amplitude porm 200 volts dc into a 1 meg load w/an accuracy of porm 0.025%; equipment shall be class 4 iaw mil-prf-28800; mtbf shall be a min of 4,000 hours; dc voltage range of 1,2,5 or 1,2,2.5,4,5 or a continuous integrs rating; reference frequency ranges shall be as follows, 1 mhz to 20 mhz in 1mhz steps at the bnc input and 1 mhz or 10 mhz at the bnc output

6625-01-533-3103 Decade Resistor

Shall be class 4 iaw mil-prf-28800; must not fail w/i 2000 hours ar 95 percent statistical certainity; ratio range 0 to 1.0 of input for 1.0 terminal and 0 to 1.1 for 1.1 terminal; resolution of .1ppm w/7 decades; max voltage input 1000v on 1.0 input terminal and 1100v on 1.1 input terminal; max input power 10 watts on 1.0 terminal and 11 watts on 1.1 terminal

6665-01-531-4689 Mine Detector Control

Input - 110vac/220vac; 24vdc(military configuration only); vibration: random per mil-prf-28800, class 1, sinusoidal: mil-std-810c, method 514.2; shock: mil-std-810e, method 516.4, operational to 20 g's; humidity: 10 to 80% relative, non-condensing; dust: removable, serviceable filters on cooling air inlets and discharge; rain: mil-std-810f, section 506.4 procedure iii (operational); emi: fcc, part 15 class a. Designed to meet ce emi requirements; training lane area, military configuration: 2 meters x 25 meters (6.5 feet x 82 feet)

6625-01-530-7032 Network Analyzer

Frequency range 40.0 megahertz to 40.0 gigahertz; conforms to mil-prf-28800 class 3 environmental standards; storage temperature minus 40.0 to plus 75.0 degrees c; operating temperature 0.0 to plus 50.0 degrees c; relative humidity 5.0 to 95.0 percent at plus 40.0 degrees c.