MIL-PRF-195 Parts

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5961-01-583-1135 Semiconductor Device Assembly

This unidirectional tvs series for thru-hole mounting,working voltage vwm range 30.5 v to 175 v,hemetic sealed do-13 metal package,jan/tx/txv miltaryqualifications also availablie per mil-prf-195/500 by adding the jan,jantx,orjantxv,perfix,e.G. Jantxv1n5555,etc.1500 watt unidrectional transoent votage suppessor. Clamps transient in less then 100 pico sec,protection form switching transints and incduced rf,protection form esd and eft per iec 61000-4-2 and iec 61000-4-4,secondary lighting protection per iec 61000-4-5,with 42 ohms soueceimpedance.