MIL-G-3056 Parts

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4410-00-542-5656 Liquid Fuel Water Heater

O/a 32 in. H 15 in. W 49 in. Lg; low pressure atomizing burner; for fuel oil gr 1 and 2 per fed spec vv-f-815,gaso per mil spec mil-g-3056,jet fuel gr jp-3 jp-4 jp-5 per mil spec mil-j-5624,kerosine per fed spec vv-k-211; 600 gal water heated per hr 100 deg f temp rise per hr; automatically cont; 60 psi max wk pressure; 1 water connection 1 in.-11-1/2 npt ea inlet outlet; insulated; skid mtd; elec dc 24v; addnl equip 1 ea fuel inlet pressure ga,water outlet pressure ga,water outlet temp ga,blower motor switch,burner motor switch,thermostatic cont switch,fuel inlet valve,water valve,water pressure relief valve