MIL-F-13926 Parts

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5340-01-285-4579 Mounting Bracket

Spec mil-f-13926 and ansi y14.5- 1973 apply. Material: aluminum allo y,7075 or 6061,temper t6,spec qq-a -200/11 or qq-a-225/8. All surfaces 125 micro-inches except as noted. Pr otective finish: except .500-13 tapp ed hole finish 7.2.1 of mil-std-171. Area marked "x" finish 20.24.1 of mil -std-171,color green 383.

5310-01-281-3647 Round Plain Nut

Mil-f-13926,condition a mil spec all material responses overall

5305-01-238-9876 Machine Screw

Spec mil-f-13926 and ansi y14.5-73 apply;matl alloy steel spec ff-s-86;tensile strength min 160,000 psi;protective finish of mil-std-171;threads shall be in accordance with screw-thread standard for fed service handbook h-28/21