Lighting Fixtures and Lamps - NSN Parts Catalog

Lighting NSN parts Federal Supply Group number 62

Lighting Fixtures and Lamps - Sub Categories

  And Starters Lampholders Ballasts FSC 6250 MIL Parts: L, Q in this category
  Electric Lamps FSC 6240 MIL Parts: A, L in this category
  Electric Portable And Hand Lighting Equipment FSC 6230 MIL Parts: A, C, F, L, M, P, S in this category
  Electric Vehicular Lights And Fixtures FSC 6220 MIL Parts: A, C, E, F, G, L, M, P, S, W in this category
  Indoor And Outdoor Electric Lighting Fixtures FSC 6210 MIL Parts: A, C, F, G, I, L, M, P, Q, S, W in this category
  Nonelectrical Lighting Fixtures FSC 6260 MIL Parts: No MILSPEC parts in this category